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Les bateaux du port Towing at Saint-Malo

The three tugboats currently in operation

Grand Bé Davier Corsaire Malouin
Grand Bé Davier Corsaire Malouin

Currently, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Malo operates three tugs.

History of towing at Saint-Malo

tug Servannais In 1927, The Abeilles compagny settled in Saint-Malo. It began with Abeille nr. 13 built in 1917, and renamed Servannais.

In 1929, tug Servannais was replaced by the Malouin. The Malouin will stay in operation till the beginning of WWII. This tugboat was built in Nantes in 1918. Her former names were Nemesia and Rio.

Président Brouard During the war, Saint-Malo port became a base for the German Marine and a lot of tugs sank in Saint-Malo in 1944: Atlas, Assistance, Holland and Tracteur 2.

After the war, the tug Malouin came back to her service. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry took in charge the towing in the port of Saint-Malo. A new tug was allocated: Président Brouard. This TID type tug was build in England.

Côte d'Emeraude

In 1956, CCI gave to the SICCNa shipyard of Saint-Malo the construction of a new tugboat: the Côte d'Emeraude. This tug will still operate in the early 90's.

In 1973, the tug Corsaire Malouin was built at Rochefort by "Ateliers et Chantiers de la Charente". She is still in service.

In 1978, the tug Grand Bé became the biggest tug of Saint-Malo port.

In 1997, the Davier was built in Saint-Malo by Alstom Leroux Naval yard.