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Harbour boats Harbour boats

In the "Harbour boats" category, are gathered vessels depending on services utilities.
Tugs ans pilot boats assist boats for incoming and outgoing mouvements at Saint-Malo.
The other boats represent the State Action at Sea within different services: Phares et Balises (Lighthouses and beacons), Douanes Françaises (French customs), Affaires Maritimes and Gendarmerie Maritime.

Harbour tugboats

Grand Bé The port of Saint-Malo has three tugs managed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Saint-Malo
Grand Bé
Corsaire Malouin

Pilotage station

Pilot boat La Chevaliere Pilots boats allow port pilots to get aboard vessels to maneuver when entering or exiting the harbour of Saint-Malo.
La Chevalière
The two other pilot boats

French Customs

DF 46 French Customs patrol boat
DF46 "Avel Sterenn"

Former patrol boats:
DF12 "Noroit"
DF79 "La Rance"

Gendarmerie maritime

P616 Trieux
Patrol boat
P616 Trieux

former patrol boat:
P707 Mdlc Robet

Maritime Affairs

PM 295 Maritime Affairs patrol boat
PM 295 "La Varde"

Lighthouses and beacons

Phares et Balises The workboats of the "Lighthouses and beacons" service

Big lighthouse vessel from Brest: