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retourdredger Côtes d'Armor

Saint-Malo (2009-08-22) - Côtes d'Armor
Saint-Malo (2009-08-22)
Côtes d'Armor

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Saint-Malo (2009-08-22) Côtes d'ArmorSaint-Malo (2002-10-30) Vauban dockSaint-Malo (2002-04-04) At dry dockSaint-Malo (2002-04-04) Suction pipe on starboard
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 Flag France 
 Length58.27 m 
 Breadth9.4 m
 Draught3.89 m 
 Gross Tonnage730 t 
 Year of build1985 
 ShipyardYorkshire Dry Dock (Hull -UK) 
Côtes d'Armor is a dredger used by Timac. She harvests maërl and broben shells at sea, which are used to improve agricultural lands. She is managed by the Compagnie Armoricaine de Navigation (CAN), a subsidiary of the Roullier group.

CAN also manages another dredger, the Côtes de Bretagne.


She was originally build as dry bulker and nammed Gwyn , she sank in 1985.

Sha was later transformed in dredger and renammed Hendrika.

She became the french Côtes d'Armor in 1989 and has been remotorised in 1993.

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