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retourHigh Speed Jet (ex Emeraude GB)

Saint-Malo (2005-02-15) - Emeraude GB
Saint-Malo (2005-02-15)
Emeraude GB

Saint-Malo (2005-02-15) Emeraude GBSaint-Malo (2005-02-15) Emeraude GBSaint-Malo (2005-02-15) Emeraude GB
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 Length74.15 m 
 Breadth27.6 m
 Draught2.4 m 
 Gross Tonnage3003 t 
 Speed35 knt 
 Year of build1990 
 ShipyardIncat (Hobart - Tasmanie) 
Chartered by Emeraude Jersey Ferries in April 2004, the fast catamaran Emeraude GB acted daily connections with Jersey to transport cars and passengers. She replaced the Solidor 5 and Solidor 4 whose capacity was insufficient.


Emeraude GB is a member, as the Condor 10, of a series of 9 fast catamarans (INCAT 74) built by INCAT in Hobart, Tasmania. She was built in 1990.

She begins with the name Hoverspeed Great Britain on cross-Channel routes.

In 2004, she is chartered by Emeraude Jersey Ferries under the name Emeraude GB.

She became in 2005 the Speedrunner 1 on behalf of the Aegean Speed Lines at the start of Piraeus in Greece.

In 2008, she became Sea Runner, and then Cosmos Jet in 2011.

It seems no longer in service since August 2013, but was renamed High Speed Jet in June 2015.

She seems to have been retired in august 2013

Last update : 2016-01-09