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Fishing boats Pleven fisheries and fleet


Victor Pleven was born in 1892 in Ploubalay in Côtes d'Armor. Orphaned at the age of seven years, he follows the footsteps of his elder brother in embarking as a deckhand on fishing. While sailing, he continued his studies and received his first command at the age of 28 years.
He became captain of the trawler Islande of Huret fisheries from Bordeaux in the early thirties.

Creation of Pleven fisheries

In 1930, Victor Pleven bought his first ship: a three-masted schooner built in 1921 in Binic called Immaculate Conception.

Zazpiakbat In 1932, he bought the Père Pierre built by the shipyard Gautier of Saint-Malo in 1920. The plans of this sailboat are available in the book "De bois & d'acier" tracing the history of shipbuilding in Saint-Malo.

Then he takes stewardship the Alfred, a steam trawler built in Nantes in 1926.

He resells the Immaculée Conception and Père Pierre in 1936 and buys a four-masted sailship : Zazpiakbat. Built in Germany, this steel-hulled 60-m long sailship wss equipped with cold rooms for bait and food.

During the Second World War, Alfred and Zazpiakbat will be lost.

After WWII : the renewal

In 1948, Victor Pleven receives Colonel Pleven for war damage.

In 1951 he acquired Capitaine Pleven.

Alex Pleven In 1958, Alex Pleven is the first trawler of Saint-Malo with a covered deck.

1962, Colonel Pleven II, the first french rear fishing trawler (salter and freezer).

1966, arrival of Pierre Pleven, sister-ship Colonel Pleven II. She has a more powerful engine.

1969 Victor Pleven buys the Heureux to SAPI fisheries and renamed her Joseph Roty (she will be resold in 1974).

1970 Death of Victor Pleven, fisheries are headed by his son-in-law Yves Legrand.

In 1971, Pleven fisheries take delivery of versatile factory trawler Victor Pleven, the first of a series of three.

1974 marks the arrival of Capitaine Pleven II and Joseph Roty II, and resale of Alex Pleven and Joseph Roty.

1977, Fernand Leborgne became director of the fisheries. Colonel Pleven II and Pierre Pleven are processed to go lobster fishing off the coast of Africa. It is a failure, the 2 boats are disarmed and put on sale in 1978. Pierre Pleven is sold to SAPMER in La Réunion where she becomes Austral.

1982, Pleven fisheries is in trouble; Fernand Leborgne resumes and creates Comapêche.